Use Cases
Case 5: Design
Studio created bank of templates for presentations (Slides Bank) and sells it on-line.
1. They agreed on the following:
50% of revenue will remain to pay for a site promo (Treasury) and the rest of profit will be distributed between founders.
2. They created their accounts on Equity Wallet
Every account is a wallet on blockchain
3. One of them created a Slides Bank account with Treasury 50%.
At this moment he/she is the only owner of this project with equity 100%
4. He/she sent equity of Slides Bank project to other 2 members.
30% of equity to 2d Founder and 10% of equity to 3rd Founder.
5. Now each of them is a shareholder of the Slides Bank project
Each of them has a real asset of the Slides Bank project in their Equity Wallet accounts.
6. The first customer want to buy a template
Watch why blockchain is an immutable data base
He/she got the QR-Code with the link to make a payment
7. Customer scanned QR-code and payed $10 USDC
8. $10 USDC came to the Slides Bank account and was distributed between equity holders automatically
$5 USDC remained on the Slides Bank account because they set up 50% Treasury and $5 USDC was distributed between founders.
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