Use Cases
Case 4: Book Publishing
Author, publisher and book store decided to publish and sell a book and share revenue.
1. They agreed on the following:
50% of revenue from the book sales will go to a Publisher, 30% will go to a Book Store and 20% to Author.
2. They created their accounts on Equity Wallet
Every account is a wallet on blockchain
3. One of them created a Book Project account with Treasury 0%.
At this moment he/she is the only owner of this project with equity 100%
4. Publisher sent equity of Book Project to other 2 members.
30% of equity to a Book Store and 20% of equity to an Author.
5. Now each of them is a shareholder of the Book Project
Each of them has a real asset of the Book Project in their Equity Wallet accounts.
6. The first customer came to a store  to buy the book
Watch why blockchain is an immutable data base
He/she got the QR-Code with the link to make a payment
7. Customer scanned QR-code and payed $100 USDC
8. $100 USDC came to the Book Project account and was distributed between equity holders automatically
Since there is no Treasury in the project the whole sum is distributed between Publisher, Book Store and Author according to their equity automatically.
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