Use Cases
Case 3: Yacht for rent
Three friends decided to buy a yacht to rent it out.
1. They agreed on the following:
30% of revenue will remain for cleaning, yacht maintenance and skipper fee (Treasury) and the rest of profit will be distributed between them equally.
2. They created their personal accounts on Equity Wallet
Every account is a wallet on blockchain
3. One of them created Yacht For Rent account with Treasury 30%.
At this moment he/she is the only owner of this project with equity 100%
4. He/she has sent equity of Yacht For Rent project to other 2 friends. 33.33% of equity for each friend.
5. Now each of them is a co-owner of the Yacht For Rent project
Each of them has a real asset of this project in their personal's account.
6. The first client wanted to rent their yacht and they sent him/her the link with invoice for $1,000 USDC
Watch why blockchain is an immutable data base
7. Client scanned QR-code or just tap on the link and payed $1,000 USDC
8. $1,000 USDC came to the Yacht For Rent account and was distributed between equity holders automatically
$300 USDC remained on the Yacht For Rent account because they set up 30% Treasury and $600 USDC was distributed between friends.
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