Use Cases
Case 3: Charity
Charity Fund has 4 hospices under its patronage. See the most transparent way of donation and distribution of funds.
1. Hospices budgets:
Charity Fund determines the need of each hospice to distribute raising funds pro-rata money they need.
2. Hospices create accounts on Equity Wallet
3. Charity Fund creates project on Equity Wallet with 0% Treasury
At this moment Charity Fund is the only owner of this project with equity 100%
4. Charity Fund invites each hospice to the "4 Hospices Project" and gives them relevant percent of equity.
5. Now 4 hospices are co-owners of the "4 Hospices Project"
All of them have a real asset of this charity project in their Equity Wallet accounts.
6. Charity Fund shares link for donations to this Project
7. People donate
as much as they want (for example $100 USDC)
8. $100 USDC come to the "4 Hospices Project" account
Since there is no Treasury in the project the whole sum is distributed between all 4 hospices according to their equity automatically.
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